Sunday, June 7, 2009

You and the night and Sinatra

Sinatra once said he preferred to sing at night. Like me, he was a real night owl. I love the summer, and nighttime in the summer is grand. So what is a good summer playlist for the twilight hours? Here's how I'm operating right now:

Fly me to the moon
Strangers in the night
The moon was yellow (Capitol singles version)
I wished on the moon
Oh you crazy moon
In the still of the night
Let's face the music and dance
In the blue of evening
Sleep warm

Maybe sleep warm goes after daybreak due to the overall theme. I liked the pacing of daybreak as a closing song. The evening ends with the first rays of dawn, which is also a nice theme to end the mix. Hey, I've done that before. Maybe this needs quiet night of quiet stars, but it doesn't really fit into the overall pacing.

Espresso and Camels